About us

Al Gammal General Contracting started initially on 2003 as an idea of its founder Mr.Taha El Gammal providing limited specialized subcontracting in electrical infra structure projects.

On 2008 Al Gammal officially joined the Egyptian market delivering electrical and sewerage pipelines and networks projects as certified subcontractor to major contractors.

Following this progress and success in market Al Gammal became one of the well know general contractor in infra structure works electrical networking, sewerage networks, industrial projects, commercial buildings and housing projects.

As normal expansion for a promising planned business Al Gammal foot print in Egyptian market on 2018 became clear as reliable turn key solution in wide broad of infra structure projects, industrial projects, commercial projects, oil& Gas maintenance projects, and solar project.

This success resulted out of successful development and backbone of my complementary subsidiaries have been founded to support the contracting business presented in AGIAD steel fabrication, AL Gammal transportation, Hafr Al Batin for concrete bricks.

On 2020 the business expansion has been secured and supported with true solid partners hip in form of alliances, these alliances with prequalified major contractors effectively enabled the comprehensive tun key mega projects services.

We are proud have same alliances with the top ranked consultation firms in Egypt in Electromechanical, sewerage, civil, power, and architectural fields.

Currently as a group of subsidiaries in collaboration with our esteemed allies and back office technical support and consultants proud to having our official steps in Libya, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Erbil as our start up take off globally through our international Sector EGICCO.

Vice President Message

Our Ambition,Commitment and Integrity

Our Ambition at ALGAMMAL brought out of a solid understanding that we are open to any opportunity that would furnish a resolution to bring better life to end users no matter where no matter the challenge this understanding is firing our ambition to find a better way together.

Our commitment became beyond the ordinary understanding in business success and market competition of quality, time, price edging our commitment became clear to the clear understanding to deliver excellence as per our believe that no excellence away safety, joy, support and sharing challenges between our family members. 

Our Integrity to transfer expertise, plant ownership, transfer our values, commitment, delivery of excellence, melting challenges with our ambition to make better living and to chase dreams one after another is our legacy.

Dr. Mohamed Farouk




To Follow the highest standards and attain the trust & satisfaction of our clients with fulfilling our commitments and donug the most effort to exceed their expectations



we are seeking to be one of the top performing companies in implementing various infrastructure projects development locally , regionally and then globally


Al-Gammal Contracting  Provides

an integrated wide range of services starting from general contracting to specialized infrastructure networks , our comprehensive range of construction services can be adapted and tailored to meet the needs of different clients and projects